by chuck mosley and vua

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hey everyone, and i do mean everyone, damnit! its chuck mosley again, your friendly neighorhood pain in the ass, beggin ass son of a to tell you about a wonderful oppurtunity. You won't believe the money you'll save on this deal. So much, i must be insane. (echoing) sane sane sane,,,,,a once in a life time bargain, getting into the business, sale. Alright , enough of that. but seriously folks. let me take one last oppurtunity to tell you how much i appreciated everything everyone did for my family and me. you were all wonderful. it gave me a moment of pause, a moment when i wasn't worrying 24 hrs a day about our situation, and what we were gonna do to keep from being , well, from being homeless. It gave me a minute to get with my band, and talk about, and work on music for a change. and we would like to share it with everyone............for a price, ha ha.. a while ago, while in europe, me and members of Cement and VUA recorded two songs. then, i lost them, until a few weeks ago. and now that VUA is working on a new album, we are releasing one of these songs as the first single from said album. though it was recorded by members of Cement, we are flying it under the Vanduls Ugenst Allliderasy flag. Like i'm always telling people, in my heart, VUA is a natural extention of Cement.A natural....evolution, if you will. two members of Cement were and are in VUA. etcetera etcetera...hence the title,"Ericalution". Ericalution will come out friday, today, for 99cents, and,as i said, is the first single from our upcoming album, and we hope you love it. we are releasing this demo version, recored live in holland, because, although, not perfect, there is majik caught on this version that we really want to share with all of you, and i do mean.....ALL of you, so please pick it up and i think you will see what i mean, at the risk of sounding egotistical. i dont care.......yes i do, i care alot about this song and i think you will to, and i believe that you will see that it is totally worth a dollar, and it will be added onto Demos For Sale, for no extra charge, that ep will still be only 5 dollars. Available on bandcamp, i just dont know what elst to say about this awesome funky hip hop metal punk funk freestyle nu metal piece of americana....


released January 16, 2015




chuck mosley Cleveland, Ohio

Vocalist in bands like faith no more, bad brains, cement, and VUA. His music has appeared in movies such as Bio Dome and Grosse Point Blank. Guested on the most recent Indoria release. Currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

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